Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Mary-Kate Olsen swiftly crossed to the good side of my lookbook with these beauties and I've followed her right down the knee-high gladiator lane. Surprisingly, they can be found for a very decent price at Bona Drag. You've seen gladiators all around town, but now its time to take a stand and show who REALLY knows how to wear them. Show the little gladiator-wannabes who's the boss !!


Glamouricious said...

wow! great find! i had no idea where to get these. if i dare wear these instead of the brown ones... hmm not sure yet.

Glamouricious said...

p.s. will link this post to my blog. =)

Dapper Kid said...

Those gladiators are amazing!! Oh and thank you so much for the lovely comment :)