Saturday, August 2, 2008

I'm baaaaack !

Oh yes,

After three weeks I'm back at home, quite relieved to be in my own bed. It's funny, I perceive myself as a world traveler yet I like nothing more than staying in bed all day on Sunday and drinking hot tea. Of course, I've already started planning Christmas (my Halloween costume has already been crafted and will be mentioned around then, since I don't think anyone else but me likes thinking of fall), It's something to look forward to and daydream about until I get there. Although surprisingly enough I am trying to live in the moment by living the last of (sniff) summer. WHY, SUMMER? WHY LEAVE SO SOON? I do like fall and winter but my lack of vitamin D gets me nowhere and when it does start to be holiday-ish, normal life takes its course and ruins it all.

Could I be more sour?

Current tune : Move on up - Curtis Mayfield

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