Saturday, August 9, 2008

She's no Cinderella

Carla Bruni is a woman of all talents. And when I mean talents I mean this ex-supermodel turned singer turned president's wife has more than just beauty on her side. “She’s a kind of alpha female (...) she was more like a female Don Juan.” quotes Bernard Kouchner, a French foreign minister. Carla is no cinderella, born and raised with her two siblings into a wealthy family, it seems she was meant to become a woman of importance. Wherever she goes, whatever she does, people love her. From Karl Lagerfeld to George W. Bush, she seems to be picking up admirers all across the world, her biggest admirer being Sarkosy who states : “I am happy like nev-air.”

Can't you help but being a teeny weeny bit jealous? I know I can't. I mean, it's okay to have one talent, but she has them all. Not to mention the french president, whom I know could afford a dozen of those Tiffany bracelets and Jimmy Choos we've been dreaming about... So where is our rich and powerful prince charming?

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Farren said...

i've only recently been aware of her. i think i just read about her either on another blog or in a magazine. <3 she definitely seems like a powerhouse.

i want a prince charming!

Dapper Kid said...

She is wonderful! I wish they would let her wear heels though, Sarkozsy is too short for her :(

Z said...

That never stopped Katie with Tom... something that made me admire her very much :)

emily said...

i absolutely love her and YES, i am so jealous!