Friday, August 29, 2008

She certainly does wear Prada ...

" Anna Wintour (born November 3, 1949, in London) is the editor-in-chief of American Vogue, a position she has held since 1988. She became interested in fashion as a teenager. Her father, Charles, editor of the Evening Standard, often consulted with her on how to make the newspaper's coverage relevant to the youth of mid-1960s London. After dropping out of school at 16, she began a career in fashion journalism. Her career took her across the Atlantic, with notable stints at New York and Home & Garden. She returned home for a tumultuous year to turn around British Vogue, and later assumed control of the franchise's magazine in New York. She revived a stagnant publication, a success that has earned her wide acclaim in the industry. "
- Source : Wikipedia

Anna Wintour exudes confidence and beauty, and reportedly served as inspiration for Miranda's character  in the Devil wears Prada... She certainly does have the power and style to pull that role off !

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choubelle said...

1949?? No way. Botox helps, I'm sure. But botox aside, Anna Wintour has faboo style and attitude...though sometimes she seems a bit dowdy/cold. Maybe its just her generation.
I loooove her haircut...and shoes! she wears glam to the max pointy toed pumps. What a cool lady too...I had no idea she dropped out of school at age sixteen! Thanks for this post...I am going to wikipedia her right now.

sydneydoll said...

i wonder if she really is that much different to other women in fashion in such high positions.

is she THAT much ruder etc???