Sunday, August 17, 2008

William Klein

I was very busy this week participating in a photography workshop; taking pictures on a manual camera and developping each of them by hand is actually pretty hard, but the results are great ! Hopefully, I'll be scanning my prints as soon as possible, but until then I wanted to show you the works of William Klein, one of my favorite photographers.

1. Here 2.Here 3.Here 4.Here 5. + 6.Here


choubelle said...

Oh wow! William Klein took that photo on the bottom of the woman smoking? Cool beans!
Do you know why they veils on women's hats became shorter in the 1940's? It was because women smoked and their veils would sometimes catch on fire!

sydneydoll said...

that sounds like fun.
photography workshop.

cant wait to see your pics.

Beauty Confessional said...

William Klein is an amazing photographer!!

Btw i also have a fashion/beauty blog. Would you like to exchange links